The programme was held from 1st November, 2016 to 30th November, 2016 (Only 30 days)

Dear Devotees,

Everything gets polluted in this elemental nature. The human race, a part of this nature, also gets badly affected resulting in physical and mental ailments that threaten its very survival.

A few of us know that God has suggested various solutions that are in nature for the continued existence and excellence of humans, but very few of us share such knowledge with others. Our guru Sri Sri Kuppa Sripadasharma has determined not only to bestow this information on us, but also to bless us with its results.

As a part of this mammoth endeavour, our guru has taken up SpatikaLingaAbhishekam in which all the people will have an opportunity to perform Abhishekam. This magnificent SpatikaLingam weighs between 3.5kg and 5kg and was tested by expert gemologists.

On the completion of the Abhishekams, the holy SpatikaLingam will be thoroughly purified and installed with reverence. Everyone is not allowed to touch that installed SpatikaLingam. The rays and the vibrations that emanate from SpatikaLingam will cleanse anything, starting from Kundali to ShatChakras, and help create consciousness and fill us with abundant energy.

It heals devotees' physical and mental ailments. Such awakened ShatChakras execute their responsibilities with ease, and increase maturity among us promoting social well-being.

It is not an exaggeration to say that people who have physical and mental ailments, including stubborn and chronic diseases which cannot be cured even in hospital, can get relief from pain and suffering, and be relieved of burden if they sit before the SpatikaLingam and try the rituals such as Pooja, Mantra or Tantra.


SpatikaLingaAbhishekam helps in purifying the Chakras thus help us address many health related disorders. For example,

  • Purification of First Chakra heals hands and legs related ailments, and sets hormonal problems; also gets God's blessings

  • Purification of Second Chakra addresses the issues pertaining to kidneys, and male and female reproductive systems; brings the grace of Shukra Graha that blesses women with children

  • Purification of Third Chakra deals with waist, stomach, liver, digestive and diabetic ailments; brings the favours of Guru Graha

  • Purification of Fourth Chakra helps overcome cardiac, respiratory, asthma, blood-pressure and chest related ailments; increases support from the near and dear, fosters new friendships

  • Purification of Fifth Chakra gives relief from throat, vocal, thyroid and skin related illnesses; helps improve assertiveness, courage and charm with the support of Budha Graha

  • Purification of Sixth Chakra addresses eye and eye-sight issues, brain related ailments such as insomnia, hysteria, Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, hydrocephalus, psychological-phobias, and pituitary gland issues; also helps in getting the blessings of Mahadeva

Cleansing of the above Six Chakras requires a person to perform different Chakra-specific-rites such as Pooja, Mantra and Tantra.

KalpaVrikshachaya SriPadaSriVallabhaDattaKshetram,
Rampur Village, Nangnur Mandal, Siddipet District, Telangana-502375
Cell: 9951809689, 9949248784

Supervised By
Sri Sri Sri Kuppa Sripadasharma