Kalpavruksha Chaaya

Sreepada Sreevallabha Datta Kshetram


Selecting the right place is very crucial while planning to construct a temple or a state's capital. Vidyaranya Swamy's decision of selecting Vidyanagara capital paved way to the construction of Vijayanagaram, is a historical fact.

Selecting site for Kalpavruksha Chaaya Sreepada Sreevallabha Datta Kshetram at Rampur has been done after so many deliberations. If a temple or a spiritual centre is constructed at a place, its positive energy or vibrations are felt all around that area. When Sripada Sharma has resolved to construct Datta Kshetram, he personally inspected so many sites in and around Siddipet. However, Sripada Sharma has been anxious and spiritually motivated recognizing the fact that it was the place where great rishis and saints practiced spiritual rituals and religious activities. He has decided that it is the best place for Datta Kshetram. After that, within no time, Datta Kshetram has been built.

So far, so many people have expressed that they felt a kind of psychological comfort and peace of mind at Kshetram. Many spiritual and religious programmes have been organized since the inception of Kshetram without any interruption.

kshetram kshetram

Programmes Organized

The developmental activities at Kalpavruksha Chaaya Sreepada Sreevallabha Datta Kshetram have paced up since the beginning. Many construction works have been begun to provide facilities to the devotees, to perform Yagna and other rituals, and to maintain go-samrakshana Kendra. Sripada Sharma, himself, performed Sriguru Charitra Parayanam at Kshetram. During that period many interesting events happened and devotees are well aware of them.

In May 2016, Sripada Sharma organized Sakalartha sadhaka Maha Parayanam, Chaturveda Shathachandi Havanam for seven days to address people's planetary-problems, childlessness, mental disorders, monetary issues, physical agonies and above all to safeguard the age old order of Sanathana dharma. Thousands of devotees thronged Rampur Kshetramand Vedic chantings reverberated in its surroundings. Distinguished Pandits, Rishis and Saints visited Kshetramand sanctified it. Harikathas, Pravachanas and Bhajanas mesmerized devotees for seven days.


Datta Kshetram - Administrative Duties


Sripada Sharma has not only been conducting spiritual programs but also incorporated social service as a part of it. With the help of devotee-doctors that visit Kshetram, Sripada Sharma has organized free medical camps for the poor and underprivileged. In addition to that, he has also guided those who come from faraway places with ways and means to improve their planetary positions to solve their problems. He has combined the best practices of astrology with science and resolved matrimonial, economic, physical, mental, judicial and many such issues of thousands of people.